Funky Aardvark C.I.C.
  • Funky Aardvark C.I.C.

    Making Art and Craft accessible to everyone in the community.


    Funky Aardvark C.I.C. aims to:

    >Focus primarily on social objectives, aiming to tackle a wide range of social and environmental issues

    >Use surplus, assets and business solutions for the public good to help create an inclusive economy

    >Allow access for all to art and craft

    >Create a hub for information, education, cooperation, support, inspiration

  • What is a C.I.C.

    A C.I.C. is a community interest company (sometimes refered to as a social enterprise). It is a company that works for the good of the community and aims to be self sustaining. Funky Aardvark chose this model rather than a charity as it enables us to work in exactly the same way as a standard business except that we have to use any surplus to reinvest in the company and our shareholders dividends are capped at a tiny percentage which this year means we can only pay them 4p each! All our workers are volunteers, including the management, which enables us to keep running costs lower. The money that the company makes from sales, memberships and exhibitions is used to keep the doors open and the lights on so that the community can continue to benefit from what we provide. It also allows us to do the community events, special exhibitions, demonstrations and tasters that you all enjoy. Our aim is a community focussed business that is able to support itself through the work it does and therefore has a long, stable future.