Funky Aardvark C.I.C.
  • Welcome to the Sing for Songbirds Exhibition

    Each year Funky Aardvark CIC host an exhibition to help raise awareness of Chester Zoo's latest consevation project. This year the focus is the work in Indonesia where the trade in songbirds is leading to their near extinction.

  • Judging

    The exhibition is judged by a joint panel from Funky Aardvark CIC and Chester Zoo with 5 prizes

    Overall Winner

    Funky Aardvark Choice

    Chester Zoo Choice

    Under 18 Winner

    Visitor Choice

  • Guidelines

    Entries are welcome from any Artist whether professional or amateur.

    All work must relate to the songbirds in either direct or abstract form.

    Work may be 2d or 3d, decorative (fine art, sculpture etc) or functional (furniture, jewellery, clothing etc)

    Each Artist may submit up to 4 pieces.

    Assistance can be given with pricing prior to delivery. Work not for sale must be marked as NFS. Work must be delivered on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th July from 10am-5pm either by the artist or representative or via courier clearly labelled with artist name, title of work and sale price on a tag that is attached to the back at the top and hangs over the front of the work AND on a label secured to the back of the work. Do not write the price directly on to the piece of work.

  • How to enter

    First stage entry is by email. Artists must complete the form and email it with two pictures of each piece one full view and one detail to Payment is £5 hanging fee per piece which can be made either over the phone by card or at the gallery by card or cash. The number from your receipt will need to be put on your form. You can then choose you own donation to the Sing for Songbirds cause. You can either donate cash, donate the money you would have earned from the sale of your piece or anything you like – you can volunteer to run a workshop/talk during the exhibition to raise funds for the cause. It is up to you – be inventive!

    Sing for Songbirds entry form

    Exhibition Terms And conditions

    Entrants will be notified by 16th June as to whether they have been successful. Notification of whether work has been selected will be sent via email. Artists must make sure they give a valid, operational email address to which they have regular access as Sing for Songbirds, Chester Zoo and the host gallery, Funky Aardvark C.I.C., cannot be held liable for non-receipt of email. If selected you will be asked to supply a short statement to accompany your piece in the exhibition. All work will be sold at the price stated on the delivery form with a 45% gallery commission.

  • Not sure how much to donate?

    last year when we hosted the Never Forget Exhibition we had everything from the standard £2 donation to Artists who donated their work so that when it sold their proceeds from the sale went directly to the conservation project.

    Your donation will be acknowledged on your label as a thankyou for your support

  • Are you interested in running a workshop?

    During the exhibition we have opportunities for workshops to complement the theme. If you are interested in running a workshop please contact us at and mark it for the attention of Suzy Huxley our workshop co-ordinator.