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Inventors Asylum @wrexham

The Inventors Asylum is a fully functional workshop where we makeit4u from 3-d print to laser cutting and more. We can work from your design/model or do the ground work for you. Get in touch for a personal quote. Prices start from £25 an hour for design work.

  • Do you want to learn how to do you own designs or work the machinery? We offer one to one tuition on our Wrexham site in proramming and technology as well as hands on experience.

  • The inventors asylum has a wide range of equipment including A2 laser cutter, 3-d printers, wood work, textiles, vinyl cutting and pressing and electronics - We can make you almost anything you can imagine.

  • Not sure where to start? Email our MakerGuru Jay to book an appointment on and he can work out what route will suit you best. 99% of the time it is quicker and easier to get him to make it for you!

  • Jay also runs courses at the Chester site in inventing, painting, gaming and more. See the Chester courses calendar for full listings.

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